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By: Melanie Rocha

Margot Keen isn’t interested in just selling you any piece of jewelry. She’s interested in making you a piece with a purpose through the positive intentions that reflect the uniqueness of every stone and fossil. In fact, that’s the main part of the mission statement for her company, “Peachy Keen,” which she has operated since 2015.

Along with promoting the spread of compassion, self-empowerment and sustainability, she strives to make unique jewelry. “In the age of mass production, I am proud of the fact that I design from scratch with no training in what I’m doing,” Keen says. “With so much love behind it, there are always new ideas flowing.”

Keen’s one of a kind creations are developed out of her strong passion, determination and creativity, which is evident in each piece through designs that accentuate each stone’s natural beauty.

Whether one buys into the power of crystals or not, Keen is a big believer. She has a strong spiritual connection with her work and its power to influence a person’s inner-being. Keen is encouraged daily by the endless healing properties behind crystals, fossils and gemstones.

“Crystals and new age teachings have changed my life in such a profound positive way. Sharing that with my community and having freedom to be creative motivates me every day.” Keen says.

Her work with crystals allows her to connect with her customers on many levels. She enjoys discussing the energy of stones and its healing benefits along with exploring why a customer is drawn to a specific stone. To Keen, it's more than just selling her jewelry. It’s about connecting with her customers through open conversations along with teaching and learning new things through her business every day.

Peachy Keen is known not only for its unique designs and healing properties from the stones but also for being crafted with all real stones and metals. Keen loves to incorporate copper as well as 12-14 karat gold and 925 sterling sillver.

“Copper provides healing benefits while being worn; it’s antimicrobial and helps relieve pain from arthritis,” Keen says. “A woman at the night market told me she regained mobility in one of her fingers by wearing a copper ring.”

Some major achievements of Peachy Keen include getting into the Charleston City Market, having her pieces showcased in several retailers that share similar interests, and finding amazing team members to join her journey.

Along with continuing to collaborate with local retailers to make positive impacts on communities, Keen’s goals for the future include adding visual art to her business and traveling to be a vendor at more shows and festivals.

“Following my intuition, joy and passions is what led me to Peachy Keen and I hope with my business and through my creations I can inspire and empower other people to do the same thing- what makes them happy.” says Keen.